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Kindergarten educators have been immersed in learning about the new Kindergarten Program released by the Ministry in 2016.  All Kindergarten classroom teachers, Registered Early Child Educators (RECE) and Kindergarten planning time teachers came together to build an understanding of teaching and learning within four areas or frames:

  • Belonging & Contributing
  • Self-Regulation & Well Being
  • Demonstrating Literacy & Mathematics Behaviours
  • Problem-solving & Innovating

Building opportunities for learning by developing strong relationships with students and families, communicating learning to families using a variety of means (both formal and informal) and engaging families in conversations about their child’s learning, was the primary focus for Kindergarten educator teams.  With the implementation of Growing Success Kindergarten, educators gained an understanding of assessing learning and reporting to families using the province-wide templates.


All educators responsible for supporting learning in Kindergarten — including classroom teachers, RECE’s and Kindergarten planning time teachers — helped to create system success criteria for the completion of the Communication of Learning templates (formerly known as ‘report cards’).  Educators shared new ways of organizing for learning, engaging students in learning and supporting families in learning within the Kindergarten years.